Terms and Conditions

I agree to share content containing marketing information from TrekkAfrica.

I agree to sharing content across various Internet platforms using my unique link

I agree to not defraud the Trekkafrica link system with false traffic and conversions and fully accept any punishment as a result

I agree to be unregistered from cash plan by TrekkAfrica if inactive for six months or more or found defrauding the system

Upon unregistering, all outstanding balances if any will be cleared barring no fraud cases. 

I agree that payments are due me when bookings are successful without any cancellations. 

I agree that payments are not guaranteed if the booking is canceled and agree to minimal compensation in such a case if possible.

I agree to receive progress reports from TrekkAfrica as agreed and accept them as accurate. 

I agree to receive payments from TrekkAfrica as agreed and in line with above terms and conditions. 

I agree that Cashplan with TrekkAfrica is not a fraudulent scheme designed to obtain my funds by false pretense of any sort

I agree that TrekkAfrica is a legitimate Tourism company focused on promoting tourism within the African continent and i willingly partner with its goals. 

I agree to willingly discontinue with cashplan at any point in time i feel dissatisfied with the program. 

I agree that this is not a job or contract with an accompanying regular salary but a reward system on the merit of my own efforts.